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Biblical Financial Principles

The following is a list of resources for individuals and families who have a biblical worldview and want to learn more about applying biblical principles to managing God's money.

Financial Advisors:

If you have a biblical worldview, you may want to work with a financial advisor who shares your values and incorporates biblical financial planning principles into the counsel they give to their clients.The following organizations specifically focus on providing training to advisors who desire to integrate their faith into their practice.

Kingdom Advisors 
National Association of Christian Financial Consultants

Books & CDs

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+ Faith-Based Family Finances: Ron Blue and Jeremy White, CPA    


    If you could have just one reference book on finances (other than the Bible), this one would be it. In 559 pages, this book covers a wide range of topics and will appeal to anyone regardless of their age or financial status. Worksheets are also included. Sample chapter titles: Making Smart Financial Choices Good Debt/Bad Debt Passing It on Before You Pass On Teaching Your Children About Money Can't Buy Me Love: Communicating with Your Spouse About Money The Working Woman: At Home or in the Workplace


+ Your Money after the Big 50 (formerly Wealth to Last): Ron Blue and Larry Burkett


    Addressing issues for individual/families in the second half of life, the book deals with issues such as how to create an income from your retirement assets and how to leave a legacy.

    Sample chapter titles:

    Financial Decision Making
    What Widows Need to Know
    Is Retirement Scriptural
    Income/Expense Planning at Retirement


+ Splitting Heirs: Ron Blue and Jeremy White   


    This book's focus is on how to give things and money to your children without ruining their lives.

    Sample chapter titles:

    Confessions of Procrastination
    Your Treatment Decision
    Your Title Decision
    Your Talk Decision


+ Total Money Makeover: Dave Ramsey    


    This book is helpful to anyone looking for a specific plan to eliminate debt, increase savings and invest for college funding/retirement needs. Its focus is less on financial knowledge and more on right behavior in handling God's wealth (includes workbook).

    Sample chapter titles:

    Denial: I'm not that Out of Shape
    Two More Hurdles: Ignorance and Keeping Up with the Joneses
    The Debt Snowball: Lose Weight Fast, Really
    Maximize Retirement Investing: Be Financially Healthy for Life


+ Master Your Money: Ron Blue   


    This book presents a comprehensive approach to financial planning topics such as investment planning, tax planning and retirement planning.

    Sample chapter titles:

    Four Biblical Principles of Money Management
    Setting Faith Financial Goals
    Avoiding the Most Common Financial Mistakes
    Giving Living


+ The Treasure Principle: Randy Alcorn    


    Sometimes the best presents come in small packages. In 120 pages, Alcorn lists 6 treasure principles that will help change the way Christians view giving.

    Sample chapter titles:

    Buried Treasure
    Joyful Compounding
    For a Time Such as This
    31 questions to Ask God


+ Financial Wisdom: Charles Stanley (4 CD set)


    Almost 3 hours of teaching using scripture as a guide for how we should manage the wealth God entrusts to us:

    CD #1: The Right View
    CD #2: Prayerful Planning
    CD #3: Dealing with Debt
    CD #4 The Basic Step


+ Master Your Money


    At this website, Ron Blue addresses commonly asked questions about personal finance from a biblical perspective. Using a video format, Mr. Blue covers a wide range of financial topics such as setting faith based goals and transferring wisdom before transferring wealth. Mr. Blue has authored 15 books during his 40 year career in the financial services industry.

    You can sign up for weekly video feeds, join a feedback loop, post blogs and participate in question and answer sessions at the website. This is a terrific resource for Christians who want to get biblically based answers to questions about how to effectively manage the resources God has entrusted to them.

+ Crown Financial


    This is the website of Crown Financial Ministries. Crown is probably best known for the Money Map Budget Coaching Program. You will find a wide range of free articles, worksheets and charts that you can download and use immediately. You will also find articles on non financial topics such as adoption and fundraising. Small businesses and churches may also find this site of interest.


+ Generous Giving


    This is a website designed specifically for people who want to learn more about charitable giving. The goal of Generous Giving is simple: to encourage Christians of all income levels to experience greater intimacy with Christ by living a life of greater generosity. The website has a vast array of resources to help people discover the joy of generosity.

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