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At Hart Financial we have financial strategies designed specifically to address the needs and concerns of families preparing for retirement or who are already retired.  The key to understanding a topic you are not familiar with is through education.  We never ask our clients to implement any recommendation until they understand it and believe in it. 

The information listed below is general in nature and for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for a detailed retirement income plan, nor is it intended to replace the objective counsel of a qualified financial advisor.

Please let us know if you found any of this information useful and how we can improve it!

The Hart Retirement Income Plan

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Retirement Income Planning Risks

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Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

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Estimating Future Health Costs

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  • Transitioning into Retirement - 9 important topics to think about and plan for prior to retiring - Click here


  • Life Expectancy Resources: Your anticipated life expectancy is one of the most important pieces of data in determining how long your money will last during retirement. Here are links to websites that will provide an estimate of individual and joint life expectancies.


  • The website for Social Security ( offers a number of retirement-related planning tools. Two areas of particular interest are: - this site provides an estimate of your benefit and allows you to model your monthly benefit payout under different assumptions. You can also adjust your salary to see what impact a change in your earnings may have in your estimated benefit. - here you can access a more detailed estimate of your monthly benefit using this site as well as useful charts and calculators


  • The use of annuities is becoming an increasingly popular strategy to provide a guaranteed income during retirement. Many people planning for retirement can't count on receiving a guaranteed monthly pension like their parents did when they retire. Social Security and immediate annuities offer fixed monthly payments. Keep in mind that annuities are a tool designed to help people accomplish a certain goal. For some people, the use of an annuity will be part of a well-designed retirement income plan. For other people, annuities may not be the right product. You can learn more about annuities at the following websites: - you can estimate how much an immediate annuity will cost.