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Simply contact our office to schedule a brief meeting. The meeting takes about 15 minutes and if you stay longer, it’s because you thought of other questions to ask. Bring along your most recent portfolio account statements. We will ask you to explain in general terms what goal(s) you want to accomplish with your portfolio, e.g. college, legacy, retirement. Then we will look over the portfolio.

After a few minutes, we can give you one of two general conclusions. First, the portfolio is reasonably suited to your goals. While we might suggest some tweaks if our firm were managing it, the portfolio is generally in good shape based on where you want to go.

The other conclusion is that the portfolio and the goals are seriously disconnected; so much so that the train isn’t going to get to the station. At that time, we will tell you what we recommend to bring the portfolio and your goals into alignment.

If you see the wisdom of getting a second opinion, please contact our office to arrange a no cost consultation. And be sure to let us know if you take cream or sugar in your coffee!

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